In an attempt to improve the health of our patients, one of our volunteers here at Hearts and Hands, Mildred Omenukor who is a graduate student in the College of Public Health has developed and facilitated the implementation of our Patient Education classes. We now offer various classes and workshops throughout the year to encourage the promotion of health.

Classes currently offered include:

    • Physical fitness: Most classes discuss the importance of exercising so we offer physical fitness classes at volunteer local gyms to educate patients on various exercises they can practice at home.
    • Smoking cessation: For our patients who are interested in quitting smoking in an attempt to improve their health, we provide resources to make the process easier for them to quit smoking.
    • Nutrition: This workshop teaches our patients about various food choices and educates them on food substitutes to enhance their health.
    • Diabetes Education: Focuses on our patients that are diabetic to teach them how to manage their diabetes.
    • Hypertension: This class teaches our patients with high blood pressure how to manage it and teaches about factors that can help cope with being hypertensive, how to check blood pressure, etc.

Special thanks to our volunteer educators:

    • Dr. Amy Riggs, Dr. Andrea Cardenes, Cathy Shriver, Dr. Ursula Pritham, Gemma Skuraton, GSU Health Services

Please email if interested in being a volunteer educator.

Classes are free and are offered several times throughout the year. Contact Us for questions