Hearts & Hands Volunteer“I am 20 year old sophomore at Georgia Southern. Currently, I’m studying psychology with an emphasis on biology and chemistry. I hope to make a career in medicine; serving rural Georgia as a leader in science and healthcare. I have a strong interest in teaching, which has led me to pursue, as a professional goal, the improvement of scientific reasoning in the community.

I wanted a volunteering outlet that would provide a broad level of exposure to medicine, and H&H met that expectation soundly. It is a microcosm of healthcare, encompassing medical, specialty, dental, optometric and social services, in one organization. The Hearts and Hands Clinic gave me the wonderful opportunity to expose myself to my field of choice and to be an important part of an organization that I have come to learn is crucial to the sustained health of our community.

The aspect of my job that I most enjoy is the combination of patient assistance and problem solving. When I get a call or a when patient arrives at the front window, I very much like listening to their problem, finding a solution and delivering the quality service that they rely on. On top of that, I appreciate the opportunity I have to provide our patients with the knowledge and tools that need to preempt many of the problems they may have in the future. In this way, I have the chance to affect real improvement in the lives of our patients.

H&H has allowed me to grow in one highly noticeable way. As a characteristic introvert, I am easily tired of being around people for prolonged periods of time. That loss of energy could have made me an ineffective volunteer, but working at the clinic has forced me out of my comfort zone, so to speak. It has opened up the potential I have to be an enthusiastic and effective provider who is invested in listening to and understanding patient’s problems and needs. While I still cherish my personal privacy, I have learned to be outgoing and involved, in the interest of those we serve.”

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