Hearts & Hands Patient“Thank you to all who volunteer at Hearts and Hands, thank you to all who donate money, time and energy. Today and every day I thank each and every one that takes part in this program. Without the Hearts and Hands Clinic, my health would be lost. I am a living testimony. I thank you once, twice, a thousand times thank you for all you do.”At a time when she didn’t know where else to turn, Jessie, Statesboro native and employee at Joseph’s Home for Boys, says Hearts and Hands was a miraculous answer to her prayers.

After a lifetime free of health issues, she began to notice her eyes feeling strained and tired each day. On her own, she saw an optometrist and learned she needed bifocals. However, the cost of the eye appointment, combined with the cost of the glasses, was a greater financial burden than she could manage. After learning that she had high blood pressure as well, she began to search for a solution so that she could continue working, volunteering and living without her health getting in the way.quotejessie1 She says she “kept getting turned down because I didn’t have health insurance… I didn’t know what to do.” When she heard about Hearts and Hands, she applied immediately! Following care from numerous volunteers, Mrs. Burns was diagnosed with diabetes, in addition to high blood pressure. In her words she “probably wouldn’t be here without Hearts and Hands.” Thanks to many generous volunteers, she has been able to get medical care, medicine, attend diabetes education classes, fitness classes and nutrition classes to manage her health, and now she is doing better than ever. She says, “Hearts and Hands is a good name – that’s exactly what it isthe doctors, the volunteers, everyone involved has such big hearts.”

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