Hearts & Hands Patient

Al first stepped into H&H when he brought a friend to an appointment-little did he know it would be a place that he would come to call “an answer to my prayers!” His vibrant personality and booming voice make him instantly recognizable. Al was born in Statesboro and enjoyed a 30-year career as a DJ in Statesboro, Savannah and Dallas, Texas. He got his start interning for Georgia Southern’s own 91.9 FM “The Buzz,” and ultimately working commercial radio in Dallas, Texas, but the nonstop lifestyle of work in media played a toll on his health, which began to decline due to severely uncontrolled diabetes, he lost his characteristically broad smile due to periodontitis, and with that, his outgoing nature began to falter. In his words, “I lost my confidence. I felt hopeless.” His family urged him to move back to Statesboro where they could help him through this difficult time. When he became a patient, he was able to access medication to manage his diabetes-which is now well controlled. He was diagnosed with macular edema last year, and H&H sent him to a specialist, “just in the nick of time before going blind in the next few years,” he says. Al enjoys working for the City of Statesboro, and will soon be using his years of radio experience doing voiceovers for the city! He also loves to read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and in his time off, you might find him bowling or volunteering with his church. “I thank God for you! Hearts and Hands is my home clinic!”

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