Meet our Providers

Hearts and Hands’ work would not be possible without the dedication and generosity of the following medical volunteers and their offices:

Dr. Don Aaron
Dr. Courage Atekha
Dr. Marc Bisseck
Dr. Scott Bohlke
Mrs. Patricia Bosarge, RN
Dr. Carla Branch
Candler County Hospital
Cedar Surgical Associates
Mrs. Teresa Cheney, N.P.
Mrs. Anne Clifton, Medical Coordinator
Dr. Atys Cope
Dr. Chip Cowart, Medical Director
Dr. Aaron Davidson
Dr. Angela Davis
Dr. Horace Deal, Optometry Director
Dr. Brian DeLoach
East Georgia Radiology
Dr. Harvey Elerson
Dr. Howard Gale
Dr. Joseph Griffin
Dr. Richard J. Hammond
Dr. Joseph Hathaway
Dr. Jimmy High
Mrs. Becky Holmes, R.N.
Dr. Larry Hubbard
Dr. Kenneth Johnson
Dr. Brent Laircey
Dr. Sarfaraz Dhanji
Dr. Ricky Lane
Mrs. Patty Law, N.P.
Dr. Troy Lawhorn
Dr. Linc Lippincott
Dr. Tommy Marshall
Nikki NeSmith, N.P.
McCook’s Pharmacy
Dr. Jason McGibbony
Dr. Ismael Montes
Dr. Khoa Nguyen
Dr. Al Palmer
Dr. Suk Patel
Dr. Gabe Pitt
Dr. Jack Proctor
Dr. Kevin Purvis
Dr. Thad Riley
Dellarie Schilling, N.P.
Dr. Alan Scott
Dr. Stanley Shin
Mrs. Cathy Shriver, R.N.
Dr. Randy Smith
Dr. Sidney Smith
Southern Pharmacy
Southern Wellness and Rehabilitation
Statesboro Gastroenterology
Dr. Fionn Thomas
Dr. Rodrigo Uribe
Dr. Jarrett Walden
Dr. Marie Wall
Dr. Jennifer Ward
Dr. Paul Whitlock
Ms. Lynn Bowen-Williams, R.N.
Dr. Sally Young

Thank you!